Ali Givens, 2013

I grew up in the islands and have always been attracted to light and color. Some of my earliest memories are of sea grapes, palm trees and vibrant, tropical houses. These bright colors from my memory come through in my work. Later, in New York City, I began my adult life working at The Cloisters, the medieval branch of The Metropolitan Museum of Art. The chaotic energy of the city and the contemplative art of The Cloisters became a another source of inspiration for me.

Layering and stitching brightly colored batiks, linens and silks on my machine, I create art quilts that are reflections of my life. The thread becomes a drawing that secures the fabric in place and anchors each composition. 

I discovered quilting in North Carolina almost two decades ago.  It has been meaningful to be part of an artistic tradition built on community; hands working together to create.  It is through the support of community that I have found my own artistic voice.

Through my work I hope to share these experiences and emotions with others.

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